Residential Services

Residential Pool Spring Start Up:

Our price for opening your pool includes;
  • Remove cover & quick clean with hose
    • To clean with detergent = $50.00 charge
    • Pump out solid cover = $50.00 charge
  • Assemble, test, & start up pool equipment.
    • Pump, Filter, ETC…
  • Install automatic cleaner, ladder, and other equipment as applicable.
  • Test water and add starter chemicals –Provided by Client

Residential Pool Closing:

Our price for closing your pool includes:
  • Install Cover
  • Client lowers water to appropriate level
    • If water is not lowered = $50 charge
  • Drain/Disassemble pool equipment
  • Open & close valves as required
  • Blow all lines/pipes and add antifreeze
  • Add winterizing chemicals and Shock pool
  • Items not included in pool closing price:
    • Chemical Salt Cell Cleaning = $35.00
    • Vacuuming
    • Antifreeze
    • Winterizing Plugs
    • Chemicals

Basic Weekly Service:

30 minutes maximum
  • Test water & adjust chemicals as needed
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Check equipment for proper operation
  • Adjust and fill chlorinator/salt system
  • Clean & empty pool cleaner
  • Backwash and clean filter as needed

Complete Weekly Service:

1 hour maximum with up to 30 minute vacuum
Everything included in our basic service plus:
  • Vacuum pool for maximum of 30 minutes
  • Quick skim surface for debris.
  • Scrub waterline once per month.